Friday, 17 June 2011

Ascot Day 4 - Results

Evening all,

It's clearly been hard out there finding winners today but a few of you have managed to find a decent priced winner or two to haul yourself back up the leaderboard, not least our previous leader Jem Racing, whose +76 takes him back within striking distance of our leaders. Mr Jules still leads, but there's plenty queueing up to take him on. It's still open.

Our pro's have found it tough as well, but performance of the day goes to Paul Ostermeyer, who found two big-priced winners to propel himself into second place. But Lydia isn't giving in easily, and she also found two winners to give herself a decent cushion going into the final day.

Good luck on that final day - for some of you, it's time to find those big-priced winners now!


Lydia Hyslop130
Paul Ostermeyer84.5
Joe McNally77.75
Rod Street41.5
Jon Babb37.88
Rory Delargy32.5
Ross Brierly25
Chris Bealby24.31
Ben Aitken 20.75
Richard Hoiles13.5
Harry Tregoning8.6
Ceiron Jones3.75


Dominique Hamblin 161.5
Scott Edington (stencilmedia)148.25
Jem Racing129
Craig Forsyth (Border Artist)85.5
Colin James (tmcj)79.5
Andrew Jackson (ajformbook)71
Lord Muck (Finbarr353)68.25
Russell (Rusty RL)67.78
Rich (Teachric)64
Lonesome Pundit53.5
Adam Rivett51.25
Jon Sutcliffe (ajracingtips)113.50
Steve Gibson (geordie9)44.75
Joe The Sandman44
Joanna Quade (jejquade)43
Paul O'Reilly41
Dan Richardson (zaarito)39.63
Valerie Lewis38.5
Greg (gregor31)36.25
Calum Madell35.34
Adam Hellon35.17
georgi (djeniks)34.1
Steven Key34
Otford Pond31
Mart Wes30.6
Sally B30.34
Jack (MMXiii10)29.75
Rob Hayward29.5
Liam Durkin29.37
Karen Read (Racing Girl Kaz)27
Steven Thornton (topper719)26.25
Kevin Dean (deany75)25
William Kedjanyi (keejayOV)24.5
Gary Payne (foalsandhorses)24
Ross Goodman-Brown24
Ian (wayward Lad)23.26
Jon Crone (asprilla695)22.5
Paul Collis22.5
Robbie Morris20
Andrew Dean18
Paul Matthews18
Steve Cosgrove (horseracingwebs)17.25
Brian Deegan (deegs64)15.5
Daniel Munn (Chalkbeater)15.5
Andrew Brown (edredon browny)15
Andrew Mear (Putter Ludlow)15
Steve Smith (Brethren)15
Mike Spence13.34
Michael Ogilvy12.75
Andy Charles (capitalgull)9
Darren Fleming (papafleming)9
Joseph Woolliss9
Jessica Wort (bubbilygum)8.1
Reena Gopal (Reenzxx)6.76
Matthew Baines (invabet)5.5
Josh Fletcher3.75
Rob Brown (derbybookie)3.75
Graham Bradley (wallash)1.6

Thankyou all for your continued support with the comp, and good luck tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Dave
    My selections appeared not to get to you today, if you could look at my tweets on @ajracingtips they are on there with the timeline, no worries if you can't Cheers Jon